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The Value of an Online Presence for Small Businesses

Karla HakanssonKarla Hakansson feels that enough cannot be said about the importance of having an online presence for small businesses.  And if you think that most small businesses already know the importance of an online presence – think again – many do not even have one.

VerisignKarla Hakansson, Director of Global Channel Marketing at Verisign, joins Anita Campbell for an in-depth discussion on the matter. She will explain the importance of establishing a branded domain and social media profiles for your small business, she will walk you through the steps to establish and register a domain and share interesting stories of different way small businesses are using their web domains to grow their business.

Below are the questions we asked Karla:

  • (1:52) You are an employee of Verisign, correct?
  • (2:19) How did you get into this business?
  • (3:33) The web is about 15 years old at this point, correct?
  • (4:09) So here we are, a quarter century later.  Do you find that there’s still a hurdle to convince business owners that they should have an online presence?
  • (6:55) A common thing I hear is that all the good domain names are gone, especially the .com names.  What does Verisign say to that?
  • (8:46) Lets talk a bit about the name of your company, your brand, and how that relates to a domain name.  Is it better to get a descriptive domain name or a brand domain name?
  • (10:19) You mention social media profiles.  When choosing a domain name, should you be checking on the availability of the social media profile name as well?
  • (10:50) What social media sites do you think are important for small businesses?  We have Facebook and Twitter.  Are there other sites we should all be thinking about?
  • (12:28) Walk us through what it’s like to establish a domain name.  How should I be searching for that domain name?  Are there any insider tips to make sure you’re as creative as possible and do as good a search as possible when looking for a domain name?
  • (14:35) Why is it important to register the .net name as well?  Does it give you an advantage or protect you in some way?
  • (15:17) So you’re really protecting your brand that you’ve built, correct?
  • (15:33) Can you tell us some stories about how small businesses are using their web domains to grow their businesses?
  • (19:34) Why does a company like Verisign run a contest like that?  What are your goals as a company for that?
  • (21:46) Can you tell us about the winner, Vibrant Chocolates out of Seattle, Washington?
  • (22:54) Can you tell us what the new product, Mobile View, is and how it works?
  • (24:38) Do you have to have a website product through Verisign for that? 
  • (26:20) Where can people find out more about Verisign and what Verisign has to offer?

* * * * *

Listen to Karla’s interview now by clicking the red and yellow player below

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