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How to Create a Marketing Ideas File

MarketingJanuary 17, 2012By

David LangtonWhen it comes to marketing your small business, coming up with ideas and creative, inexpensive ways of doing so can become quite the obstacle to overcome. That’s when a marketing Ideas File comes in handy.

Langton Cherubino GroupIn this episode, David Langton, Founder of Langton Cherubino Group, joins Anita Campbell for an open discussion regarding techniques for coming up with creative ideas for marketing and the concept of an “Ideas File.” Anita and David discuss various types of ideas, tips for creating an Ideas File, where to find ideas and tools to create your very own Ideas File.

Below are the questions we asked David:

  • (2:07) David, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background and how you came to found the Langton Cherubino Group?
  • (4:13) The book has been referred to as a print version of a marketing Ideas File.  Tell us a bit about marketing ideas files.  Is that something that professional designers use, David?
  • (5:35) What kind of ideas should go in the file?  Should you put things that you like in there or bad examples as well?  Or should you just take notes?
  • (7:16) Sometimes people get the idea that a swipe file or marketing ideas file implies that you’re going to steal someone else’s idea.  You never want to steal someone’s idea, right?
  • (12:13) Once you snap a photo of an image that you feel may inspire you later on, do you keep it in a file or on your phone?  What do you do with the image?
  • (12:47) What can you do to set up a marketing Ideas File?
  • (14:03) What about electronic files?  Do you keep track of web pages or email templates or anything like that?
  • (15:07) You spoke about your company and your team.  Who should be responsible in the company for creating the marketing Ideas File?
  • (16:26) When we were doing Visual Marketing, we used a tool, Wufoo, where people could submit projects online to be included in the book.  Do you see that as something that companies should do?
  • (19:15) What other tools are out there for creating a marketing Ideas File?
  • (20:37) Visual Marketing has 99 case examples using visual marketing in a notable way.  You wanted a hand in laying out the pages in the book.  Can you talk about that?
  • (23:56) Can you take a few minutes to explain how small business owners and marketing managers can go about coming up with ideas for marketing that are creative and don’t cost an arm and a leg?
  • (25:41) Understanding who you are and what business you’re in, how might a company articulate that?  What would you be looking for as a designer that would give you good input?
  • (28:07) Where can people find out more about your company and what you do?

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  1. Martin Lindeskog Says:

    It is a great idea to have an ideas file! 🙂 Langton Cherubino Group seems to be a great place to work at!

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