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Build Twitter Followers: Blog It

Twitter ConversationIn Twitter tip number nine, we discussed the value of good conversation.  But more importantly, we discussed the value of asking questions.  Here’s how that can work further for you:

If you’ve ever found yourself stumped for a suitable inspiration to blog about – reach out to your Twitter community for a jolt.

A great tip that can really work wonders at building a community of Twitter followers – is to blog about them!

Here’s and example:  Say you have a problem with your computer printer.  Why not go to the Twitter community and ask for help, advice and/or suggestions?  Most likely, there will be many who will offer their “two-cents.”  Let’s say, in this particular example, that 25 people offered you advice or solutions.  Why not take those solutions and blog about the results?  Talk about your problem, mention that you enlisted the Twitter community and then list all of the responses and solutions you received along with each responders Twitter username.  (Be sure to make the responders username a link to their Twitter account so readers can follow them with one click.) 

When you do this:  1.) You are offering useful information.  In this case, solutions to a printer problem, 2.) You are offering visibility to your Twitter responders by linking to their Twitter accounts in the blog post – so THEY can gain followers as a benefit of taking the time to help you.  3.)  In turn, many of your Twitter responders will be excited to have been mentioned in your blog post.  As a result, they’ll be likely to tweet your about it which gives your Twitter account and your blog visibility and traffic.  It becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved.

You can even get creative by introducing everyone on your blog to all of your Tweeps on Twitter by doing something like we did on Small Business Trends titled: The Ultimate Small Business Twitter List

This technique can link your blog community up with your Twitter community nicely while spreading the “love” to all – and sprinkling your small business with the visibility it craves.

And for those of you still craving for more, this ought to do it for you:  137 Small Business Twitter Tips.

Twitter Tip Nine: Question

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