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Build Twitter Followers: Cross Pollinate

Cross Pollinate with TwitterCross pollination – it works for Mother Nature and it can work for you and your small business, too.  But as in nature, your efforts may take some time to blossom so don’t get discouraged.  This is the fun part – it’s time to start pollinating the Internet. 

Begin by buzzing around the Twitter community.  You can search through #hashtags for a topic you’d like to begin discussing.  Once you’ve found it, begin cross pollinating multiple discussions. 

Draw the Twitter community into YOUR Twitter “goings on” by participating in discussions in small doses here and there.  Everytime you do so, not only may your responses be catching the interest of others, your feeds will be showing up for others to view, read and follow as well.

Spread a little seed here . . . and then go and spread a little seed there and start creating a bit of a buzz.  Then take that discussion into other networks such as Facebook and cross pollinate the discussion there, too.  And if you’re into MySpace, LinkedIn or Plurk, you can do the same there as well and start funneling the discussions onto Twitter.

By doing so, you may pull in a few “newbies” to Twitter while gaining lots of new followers who’ve been following the discussion in the process.  Spread your wings and fly!  Then sit back and watch the conversation (and your Twitter followers) blossom.

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