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Build Twitter Followers: Tweet at Peak

Tweet at PeakAfter twittering a while, do a little investigative research. Check out your new followers and see what time they added you to their Tweeps. You may notice patterns that can be helpful to you and you may also notice that many of the adds come during peak business hours. (Hmm, what does that say about how everyone is spending their day?)

Don’t let this golden opportunity pass you by. I know many of you have a job to do, but it can be quite helpful to your job and your small business if you “Tweet at Peak.”

It pays to find out when peak tweet hours are for you and your Twitter community and this may vary depending on 1.) where you are located globally and 2.) the global region you are attempting to become a part of.

For example, if you live in China and you’re attempting to tap into the Western world, you may have to adjust your Tweet time as you are 12 hours ahead of the United States. If you live in the United States and you want to tap into the Chinese market, you will have to Tweet during the wee hours of the morning to be active during their peak business hours. It pays to “Tweet at Peak” business hours. There will be more users on during that time that are operating small businesses and looking to connect with others of similar interests.

And believe it or not, many people do their shopping during peak business hours as well (shame, shame, shame – shouldn’t you be working?).  So, if you’re selling a product or a service it pays to be tweeting during peak business hours to make sure your feeder is catching all those hungry birdies. Your chances of gaining followers is much greater if you are participating during peak hours.

Now . . . you just need to figure out what those hours are based on your needs and the needs of your small business.

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