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Getting Into The Entrepreneurial Mindset

leosybil.JPG Many who want to start a business have preconceived notions regarding what it takes to be successful. They often think it takes special education, prior experience in the business, and lots of money.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The key to success is not outside of yourself. It is not an existing external condition, such as a good economy or customer demand. Instead, the answer really lies within ourselves — it is about having the “entrepreneurial mindset.”

Leo Wisniewski and Sybil Ege, hosts of Livin’ The Dream radio and consultants with The Entrepreneur’s Source, are the featured guests in this episode of Small Business Trends Radio. They discuss the critical characteristics of the entrepreneurial mindset and help you to discover them within yourself.

Here are some of the key characteristics the successful entrepreneur possesses:

  • Works outside his or her comfort zone. An entrepreneur is willing to explore new opportunities and ideas, and does not stick with the tried and true all the time. They don’t limit themselves by what they currently know or the experience they currently have, but strive to expand that experience.
  • Embraces failure. This is referred to as “failing faster.” Entrepreneurs embrace failure. They know they will make mistakes. They also know the more mistakes they make, the more opportunities they will have to learn from their mistakes, and the faster they can advance their businesses.
  • Deals with risk. Entrepreneurs take calculated risks and deal with risks as a series of steps. They do not throw caution to the wind. Rather, they will collect data, examine their options carefully, make adjustments and take steps towards action.
  • Welcomes change. Successful entrepreneurs are agile and resourceful. They are receptive to change. If something is not working, they possess a willingness to “turn on a dime.”

This episode features many more characteristics of successful entrepreneurs — and valuable tips on how to let go of preconceived ideas that will limit you, and instead embrace the entrepreneurial spirit within you.

Today’s Trend: Please stay tuned at the end of the program to the Today’s Trend segment: Technology Tools You Can’t Live Without in 2007. Host Anita Campbell examines some of the “must have” technology tools that small business owners should have in 2007 such as the new one-and-a-half inch iPod Shuffle, a Bluetooth wireless headset for your cell phone, and a Google account to take advantage of the many free tools Google now offers. This is a sneak preview of Anita’s column published in Inc Technology.

About Leo Wisniewski and Sybil Ege

Both Sybil and Leo own multiple businesses. As business coaches and consultants with The Entrepreneur’s Source, they offer “straight talk” and guidance to people who want to get into business, helping their clients find the right opportunities based on their client’s skills as well as their desired financial and lifestyle objectives.

Both Sybil and Leo transitioned successfully from their lengthy corporate careers to successful business owners. They now have a passion for helping others explore the possibilities outside the grind and disappointments of a corporate job. Their greatest desire is to help their clients reinvent themselves, just as they did, and reclaim the lifestyle they want to “Live The Dream!”

To learn more, visit their website My Dream Biz.

Recorded: December 12, 2006 ———————–Duration: 45 minutes

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