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Conversation: Why Most Businesses Eventually Lose Their Edge

Gary Harpst of Six DisciplinesOn this Small Business Trends radio broadcast Anita has as her special guest, Gary Harpst.

Gary talks with Anita about why most businesses eventually lose their edge and what are some things that can be done to keep their edge.

About Gary Harpst:

As the former founder and CEO of Solomon Software, Harpst’s company grew to over 400 employees, merged with their largest competitor — and eventually was acquired by Microsoft.

Gary has a strong interest and passion for understanding how high-performing organizations develop and maintain culture. His presentations weave together the principles and strategies which are the foundation of the Six Disciplines™ Methodology.

Gary’s work as an author, keynote speaker, television and radio guest, and executive mentor has created nationwide interest in applying the Six Disciplines Methodology for ready and able organizations that passionately want to be excellent.

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Date: November 15, 2005

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