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Protect Your IP and Your Technology

Many small businesses today have many more assets than they are aware of, why, because we naturally tend to place more value on physical or tangible assets.

But many of the most valuable assets that a business has are intagible and these days they are more than likely made up of bytes on a computer. Michael Dees and IT Guru

Protection of IP and tangible assets should be receiving the same attention within a business, in fact having a laptop stolen is probably less impactual than losing your customer list and accounting data stored on your memory stick you take home at night. What should a small business do?

In this the final show of a four part series Michael Dees, of eSecurity-Direct, talks with guest host Steve Rucinski and shares vital information designed to help you safeguard your business.

Here’s a sampling of the show:

What do you do with your employees? Before they are hired, while they are employed and after they leave. Mike explains.

Awareness of your assets. Take an hour and make an inventory, a list of what they all are and then keep it up to date.

Make a plan. Follow the guidelines given by Mike during the show.

What if technology or other assets are stolen from the company?Protection of IP and tangible assets should be receiving the same attention within a business.

Be sure to check out the special page of helpful information Michael has made available just for Small Business Trends Radio listeners. Special Resources page

Recorded: July 18, 2006
Duration: 55:02 minutes

About Michael Dees

Michael Dees is President and Managing Member of eSecurity Direct Ltd., a provider of managed security and infrastructure services. Michael has 19 years of industry experience in technology infrastructure and security management. He has worked or consulted for some of the largest companies in Northeastern Ohio including Society (Key) Bank, National City Bank, Parker Hannifin Corporation, Medical Mutual of Ohio, Phillips Medical Systems (Marconi Medical Systems / Picker International) and Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems.

Michael has been a guest lecturer at Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management, and was a featured presenter on the Secret Service sponsored Northern Ohio Information Technology Roundtable (NOITR).

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