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From Hobby To Business: Lessons Of A Radio Show

Steve Rucinski Executive Producer and Partner of Small Business Trends Radio ShowIn this unusual episode of Small Business Trends Radio, the two principals of the show, Steve Rucinski, Executive Producer, and Host Anita Campbell, share the lessons learned over 20 months of podcasting and 1 year of Internet radio experience.

Here is a sampling from this episode:

  • Add good text that describes your podcasts. It is a way to give good content to the search engines AND help readers decide whether they want to listen to the podcast.
  • Create an easy-to-scan index of all your shows. Include a very brief description of each show on the index. Then be sure to link to the index from the home page, with a menu button or text link that says “past shows” and takes you to the index. That way, visitors can easy scan all the shows and get a short description of them.
  • When it comes to guests, first call on your close contacts. They will be pleased to be on your podcast. As you get a few shows under your belt, you can start reaching out to people you do not know personally. Do not hesitate to contact big name guests – you might be surprised how many will say “yes.”
  • Preparation, preparation, preparation! Prepare a show outline in advance, with the questions and the schedule laid out. This gives the host and the guest greater confidence, because you have had a chance to prepare in advance.
  • Advertising-supported shows are a tried-and-true way to monetize your hard work at podcasting. Internet radio has an advantage, because you have a wider audience which makes it easier to demonstrate value to advertisers. Additionally, advertisers understand radio but some do not understand podcasting. The concept of paying sponsorship dollars seems easier for advertisers to buy into, with a radio show.

Recorded: August 29, 2006
Duration: 54:41 minutes

About Steve Rucinski

Publisher and Editor of the world famous (or hoping to be) Small Business CEO Weblog, Steve is a 25 year veteran of the Information Technology industry. He has held both technical and executive positions with Digital Equipment Corporation, US Robotics, Inacom, Compucom, Knowledge Alliance and his own firm Dreamriver Group. Steve is particularly adept at leading companies, initiatives and projects that involve growth, very rapid growth. He is very creative and entrepreneurial when it comes to growing a business or any organizational endeavor. Steve is an authentic, progressive and effective professional.

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