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Conversation: The Spreadsheet is Dead!

Mike Seifert of Strategic Resources Inc

On this episode of the Small Business Trends Radio Show, Anita has as her special guest, Mike Seifert of Strategic Resources Inc.

If you’re tired of your website being a cost drain, find out what today’s smart businesses are doing to bring their business processes online and make their websites become profit centers.

Because Mike’s going to reveal a couple secrets.

About Mike Seifert:
Mike Seifert is President of Strategic Resources, Inc., which he founded in 1997. SRI has created a unique Business Application FrameWorkTM and a methodology for implementing it that enables robust business applications to be created quickly. Using this FrameWork and implementation methodology, SRI has created over 25 production application that are used to create efficiency, save money and in some cases, generate entirely new revenue streams for it clients.

Mike has consulted with over 100 companies and assisted them in implementing systems that improve performance, reduce cost and create new revenue streams. You can contact Mike at 888-571-5322 x301. Learn more about SRI and the Business Application FrameWorkTM by visiting Strategic Resources Inc.

If you’d like to listent to listen to the conversation between Anita and Mike, please do so now by clicking on the red and yellow player below:

Date: December 6, 2005

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