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Using Google Analytics To Increase Website Sales

jerriledford.jpgIf you have ever wondered what visitors to your website do once they have reached it, what pages they are visiting the most, and where to place the focus of your marketing campaigns, then Google Analytics can help you.

Once a tool that cost several thousand dollars, within 48 hours of Google offering this tool for free, over 250,000 people began using it. Google Analytics will help you to understand exactly what to changes should be made to increase sales on your site – even if you don’t sell anything at all.

Our featured guest in this episode is Jerri Ledford, Co-Author of the book Google Analytics, a how-to book for beginning users of the Google Analytics program. Jerry unveils the mystery of website statistics, also called analytics, to improve your website performance, product sales, and information value.

Here is a sampling of some valuable information from the show:

  • Small business owners can begin to collect easy to understand representations of data, such as graphs and reports, once the software is installed. Many other programs out there provide mountains of data that you have to then analyze yourself.
  • Small business owners can make use of this software, which works with any website and is compatible with the Google Adwords program, to see which keywords (organic or purchased) are performing best and revise their website pages for better use of those keywords.
  • Benefits appear immediately. A geo-map overlay appears that shows what geographic locations your visitors are from. A graph appears that shows the number of visitors and the pages that are visited the most. A report is generated that shows new visitors vs. return visitors along with a report that shows the visits by source and where they are coming into your site from (Google, MSN or a marketing URL or ad placed).

Today’s Trend: In addition to the above points, please stay tuned at the end of the program to the Today’s Trend segment. The Today’s Trend for this episode is: The Techno Wizard Small Business Owner. Today’s Trend explores the growing trend in the last decade of the small business owner becoming technologically adept in order to be productive and efficient. Many are managing their online presence themselves and the days of secretaries operating typewriters, copy machines, and office equipment are dwindling. Today’s small business owner is making use of the technology available to be a do-it-yourself operation. The knowledge of the use of Blackberries, PDAs, laptops and smart phones is necessary for small business owners to stay ahead of the game.

Recorded: November 14, 2006

Duration: 53.26 minutes

About Jerri Ledford, Co-Author of the book Google Analytics

Jerri Ledford has been a freelance business technology writer for more than 10 years. During that time, over 700 of her articles, profiles, news stories and reports have appeared online and in print. Her publishing credits include: Intelligent Enterprise, Network World, Information Security Magazine, DCM Magazine, CRM Magazine, IT Manager’s Journal, and dozens more.

Jerri also develops and teaches technology training courses for both consumer and business users. When she’s not writing for a consumer audience, Jerri also produces corporate collateral–white papers, case studies, web content, and presentations and she writes training materials for both online and offline audiences.

For more on Jerri Ledford, visit Google Analytics.

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