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Conversation: Recurring Revenue Streams – How to Create Them

Frank Griffith of Griffith HoldingsOn this Voice America, Small Business Trends Radio broadcast, host Anita Campbell has as her special guest, Frank Griffith. Frank talks about recurring revenue streams — especially for service businesses: how to create them and how to profit from them.

If you have a service business, one of the things you quickly realize is that you need to get away from selling your time, to selling your work. Those are two different things. And they can mean all the difference for profitability and ultimate growth potential.

Frank is the Chairman of Griffith Holdings and is a highly successful entrepreneur who became successful by figuring out how to create residual revenue streams in order to get paid for his company’s work, rather than the company’s time.

Recorded: November 8, 2005 ———————–Duration: 56 minutes

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